Hi! My name is Lucas and I am a developer, designer, and artist.

I want to create your digital presence. I build websites and design things.

Freelancers charge by the hour. Companies charge an arm and a leg. I work for flat fees, so you know exactly what you’re getting into with no hidden costs.


Designing, developing, hosting, and maintenance.
I do it all.

I created a website for HOWL, Helena’s newest outdoor childcare alternative.

I worked closely with Intrinium’s marketing team to refine their site, and create blog images.

I do business with Deckers Brands developing web pages for their shoe brands.


In the past I have designed applications for a variety of different platforms. I am currently looking for a new web app venture. Contact me for a free consultation about your next web app and business plan.


I designed and developed an app for Caffé Macs at Apple.


I worked with fellow students to develop an iOS app.


I built a nutritional analysis procedure, and calculator to go with it.


I have had the privilege to work with up and coming local business. They trusted me in designing their logos, marketing material and online presence.

I crafted Jeremey a logo and business cards centered around his local backyard bike service.

I designed Julie Rossi Rideau a logo around Compass Real Estate’s brand guidelines.

I constructed Stacey a fully branded experience, from marketing material to her website .


Illustrations, watercolors, vector designs, stickers, shirts, flyers, ads, or anything else you can think up.

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