Interface Design


Apple devised the world’s largest prep kitchen, 9 separate restaurants (including a mega-caffe), and a custom internal distribution network. My team and I were tasked to design a simple to use iPad app that tied this beast together. The solution was named CORi, which stood for Centralized Ordering and Receiving implementation.

Ordering and menu creation is a static hierarchical process. It consists of picking what ingredients you need, and when. This meant the app only needed two views to place an order.

The design was meant to be simplistic, as there was already an SOP in place. CORi made pre-existing processes easier to do, track, and dispatch.

A couple months before the opening of the new building, and subsequent launch of CORi, my boss quit. He was the project’s main contact point to the outside world. Due to the large disconnect between my team and the rest of the caffe, management decided to scrap the project. Looking back at it, I should have taken more responsibility to diversify the stakeholders for the project. Getting more outside investment would’ve made for a more long-lasting project. I can only be grateful for the lessons and skills I have learned through this ordeal.


At Gonzaga University, team of fellow computer science students and I teamed up to build a safe, free and for sale app. We partnered with the Sustainability office on campus, to build the application.

I proposed we use slide menus in our design rather than a clunky tab system. This gave the app a cutting edge feel, while still being easy to use. This is the basic workflow my partner Jake and I came up with to house our app in.

This was my first time creating custom graphics. I was very excited to explore all of the possibilities and methods I could use to draw digitally. I was no expert, but have been refining my skills ever since.

ZigZaga was a great learning tool that opened up the world of graphic and UI design to me. I used this experience as a stepping stone to help build my skills.

Nutrional Calculator

In 2014 Caffe Macs decided to undertake the impossible, calculate nutritional information on a daily changing menu.

To put that into perspective, the USDA takes 1-2 months to calculate the nutritional fact data on one new food item. I was hired to develop just such a thing, without using a team of scientists and a government funded laboratory.

I designed and developed the app from the ground up in FileMaker. My team had done something never before seen in the nutrition field, and I created the tool to do it. By no means was it perfect, but at the end of the day I was proud to put my name behind it.

Three years later, before my departure from Apple, the system had over 50 users, with 6 nutritional analysts. This position was created specifically to calculate facts, via this software.