Me in various forms.

My name is Lucas Orlita, and I am an ex-Apple developer from the Silicon Valley. I have many interests, check ’em out over there ➡️

good design, development, art, mountain bikes, graphics, user interfaces, branding, illustration, philosophy, politics, my bus, vanlife, the great outdoors, entrepreneurship, the internet, biology, physics, history, logic, programming, culture, social media, video games, woodworking, podcasts, books, one punch man, photography, trees, mushrooms, tiny homes, boats, floaties, longboards, surfboards, character design, zentangles, the mountains, music, quality time, monsters, cyborgs, robots, DnD, journaling, aware individuals, institutions, power structures, trust, mindfulness, consciousness, radical change, and the path to a better world.

(list subject to change)

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